Democracy and Populism: Fear and Hatred

by John Lukacs

Hardcover, 2005


Yale University Press (2005), Edition: First Edition, 256 pages


This intensely interesting-and troubling-book is the product of a lifetime of reflection and study of democracy. In it, John Lukacs addresses the questions of how our democracy has changed and why we have become vulnerable to the shallowest possible demagoguery.Lukacs contrasts the political systems, movements, and ideologies that have bedeviled the twentieth century: democracy, Liberalism, nationalism, fascism, Bolshevism, National Socialism, populism. Reflecting on American democracy, Lukacs describes its evolution from the eighteenth century to its current form-a dangerous and possibly irreversible populism. This involves, among other things, the predominance of popular sentiment over what used to be public opinion. This devolution has happened through the gigantic machinery of publicity, substituting propaganda-and entertainment-for knowledge, and ideology for a sense of history. It is a kind of populism that relies on nationalism and militarism to hold society together.Lukacs's observations are original, biting, timely, sure to inspire lively debate about the precarious state of American democracy today.… (more)

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LibraryThing member ksmyth
John Lukacs' idiosyncratic look at the nature of western democracies and how they are changing. Lukacs challenges the current use of the word conservative, and provides a historical lessons in the roots of conservatism. He finds plenty of fault with todays liberals and conservatives, and laments
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the drift of democracy toward a more dangerous populism.

It's an interesting read, drawn mostly from Lukacs own perspective and worldview. He does come across as somewhat cranky and curmudgeonly.
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