The Deming Route to Quality and Productivity : Road Maps and Roadblocks

by William W. Scherkenbach

Paper Book, 1988



Call number

IBMC Library - TS 156 S358 1986


Washington, D.C. : CEEP Press Books ; Milwaukee, WI : ASQC Quality Press




W. Edwards Deming is acknowledged as the founder of Total Quality Management principles. This text explains his philosophy, taking readers in detail through each of the famous 14 principles which represent the core of Deming's approach to quality management.

Local notes

Foreword / Dr. Deming -- Chapter One. Create constancy of purpose -- Two. Adopt the new philosophy -- Three. Cease dependence on mass inspection -- Four. Constantly and forever improve the system --Five. Remove barriers -- Six. Drive out fear -- Seven. Break down barriers between departments -- Eight. Eliminate numerical goals -- Nine. Eliminate work standards -- Ten. Institute modern methods of supervision -- Eleven. Institute modern methods of training -- Twelve. Institute a program of education and retraining -- Thirteen. End the practice of awarding business on pricetag -- Fourteen. Put everybody to work to accomplish the transformation
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