Handbook of neurologic rating scales

by Robert M. Herndon (Editor)

Paper Book, 1997



Call number

ISMC Library - WL 141 H23648 1997


New York : Demos Vermande, c1997.




This book provides a resource for clinicians & clinical investigators in the broad field of neurology & neurologic rehabilitation to help them (1) evaluate the clinical trials literature by providing information on the scales being used, (2) evaluate & select appropriate & efficient scales for clinical trials & outcomes research, & (3) provide information that will help them to develop new scales or measures or to improve existing ones. Each chapter in this volume contains the scales of importance in current use, including a sequence of scale descriptions & specific scales in a standard format, as well as a summary & recommendations indicating which scales are most useful for specific purposes & whether a combination of scales is particularly useful or if better scales are needed. In addition to text versions, all scales are provided on disk. Each scale may be accessed & printed for use with individual patients.… (more)

Local notes

Contains computer floppy disk
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