How to Do a Superior Performance Appraisal

by William S. Swan

Other authorsPhillip Margulies
Paper Book, 1991



Call number

IBMC Library - HF 5549.5 R3 S8 1991


New York : Wiley




The complete guide to painless, mutually profitable performanceappraisals. How to do a Superior Performance Appraisal For anybodywho equates doing a performance appraisal with a dentalappointment, here's a complete guide to painless, mutuallyprofitable appraisals. Written by bestselling management author andFortune 1000 consultant William S. Swan, it shows you how totransform what traditionally has been a source of potentialconflict among managers and staff members, into a productive andmutually profitable process for both employer and employee. * A systematic, step-by-step guide to conducting appraisals thatreduces defensiveness and conflict while increasing quality andproductivity * All the nuts and bolts of doing an appraisal: data collecting,avoiding errors, knowing EEO guidelines, and much more * Packed with useful checklists, information sheets,and sampledialogues, including a model performance appraisal formincorporating what has been proven to be the most powerfulapproach * Throughout, the emphasis is on performance management vs.simplistic "report-card" type systems… (more)

Local notes

ntroduction: why managers and employees dread performance appraisals -- Performance appraisal systems -- What goes wrong and why: eight common appraisal errors -- The Swan approach to performance management -- Setting good performance objectives -- Defining performance factors -- Creating an employee development plan -- How to make your organization's system work -- Writing the appraisal -- Preparing for the discussion and building a productive atmosphere -- Structuring the performance appraisal discussion -- Listening skills -- Questioning and probing techniques -- How to cope with defensiveness and facilitate problem solving -- Conducting fair and legal performance appraisals.
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