A Force of Ones : Reclaiming Individual Power in a Time of Teams, Work Groups, and Other Crowds

by Stanley M Herman

Paper Book, 1994



Call number

IBMC Library - HD 66 H47 1994


San Francisco : Jossey-Bass Publishers




Individuals face intense pressure to conform in today's team-oriented workplaces, where one-size-fits-all behaviors are often fostered by such programs as total quality management and employee involvement. In the process, both organizations and individuals lose a vital advantage. For as Stan Herman argues, even in a world of groups, individuality remains the key to inventive solutions and organizational success. In A Force of Ones Herman acclaims the power of the individual in the workplace and reminds us all of the importance of ones; a team - and its organization - after all, can only be effective when individual members are capable and self-assured. He offers guidelines and exercises to help you identify your particular strengths and hone them to achieve self-empowerment and satisfaction at work. Through stories and poems he illustrates how to use these important tools to increase self-understanding and focus clearly on priorities. Herman demonstrates ways to make more powerful contact with others through individual initiative networks, and to function effectively amidst the power and political dynamics in your organization.… (more)

Local notes

1. Getting out of your own way -- 2. Interactions that get things done -- 3. What's on top comes first -- 4. Closing the circle -- 5. Handling predicaments -- 6. Stepping off the treadmill -- 7. Building mutual support up and down the organization -- 8. Participation is not a panacea -- 9. Creating teams that encourage individual initiative -- 10. Dealing with conflict: negotiating, winning, and losing -- 11. The real and unreal particulars of large-scale change -- 12. Power and politics: to play or not to play -- 13. Patience and drive: the yin and yang of character -- 14. The spirit of individualism: amazing grace.
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