Productive Workplaces : Organizing and Managing for Dignity, Meaning, and Community

by Marvin R. Weisbord

Paper Book, 1987



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IBMC Library - HD 31 W424 1987


San Francisco : Jossey-Bass


1555420540 / 9781555420543


Strategy and Business 2012 Organizational Culture Book of the Year This third edition of the classic resource, Productive Workplaces is smart, well-written and well-researched, thoughtful, somewhat provocative, and a one-of-a-kind review of the integration of economics, technology, and people. It covers such topics as: the work on self as integral to organizational change; the revision of Lewinian concepts for a new era; and the history behind "getting everybody improving whole systems" as a response to fast change and increasing diversity (not the same as using any

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Prologue: Discovering Theories X and Y
Part One: The Search for Productive Workplaces
Scientific Management Revisited: A Tale of Two Taylors
The Consulting Engineer: Taylor Invents a New Profession
Lewin: The Practical Theorist
The Learning Organization: Lewin's Legacy to Management
McGregor and the Roots of Organization Development
The Human Side of Enterprise Revisited: A New Look at Theories X and Y ; Undoing Taylorism:
Emery, Trist, and the Sociotechnical Revolution ; Open Systems and the New Paradigm: How Emery
and Trist Redefined the Workplace
Part Two: Transforming Theory into Practice and Practice into Theory: Adding Action to Research:
Lewin's Practice Theory Road Map ; Methods of Diagnosis and Action: Taking Snapshots and Making
Movies ; Rethinking Organizational Improvement: New Perspectives on Consultation ; Improving
Whole Systems: Alternatives to the Report-in-the-Drawer Phenomenon
Part Three: Learning and Applying New Practice Theories: "Third Wave" Managing and Consulting: A
New Practice Theory
Inventing the Future: Search Strategies for Whole Systems Improvement
Transforming Teamwork: Work Relationships in a Fast-Changing World
Designing Work: New Structures for Learning and Self-Control
Managing and Consulting Beyond the Design Limits: A "Third Wave" Action Project
Epilogue: Caught Between Paradigms: Where Do We Go from Here?
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