Redesign the Medical Staff Model : A Guide to Collaborative Change

by Jonathan H. Burroughs

Paper Book, 2015



Call number

IBMC and ISMC Library - WX 203


Chicago, IL : Health Administration Press


1567936814 / 9781567936810


Winner of the 2016 ACHE James A. Hamilton Book of the Year Award!  Healthcare organizations are facing many challenges in this new era of healthcare reform, one of which is to establish a new operating model for the organized medical staff. Deeply rooted in tradition, the current medical staff model can no longer hold in an environment where quality, safety, service, and cost-effectiveness are required for healthcare organizations to not only survive but truly thrive. In this book, the author, an experienced physician leader and healthcare consultant, describes key changes that must be made to redesign the medical staff model. He provides specific guidance and examples to help healthcare leaders and executives work with their physician leaders to face these changes successfully. Well-regarded contributors and subject matter experts offer additional examples and insights with special content throughout the book. The author provides an in-depth look into: The evolution of the physician culture from autonomy to collaboration and accountability that must take place for US healthcare providers to remain competitive in an increasingly global economy Select strategic medical staff development planning and credentialing/privileging approaches that are needed to ensure physician-organization alignment Components of an effective and rigorous performance management system that enables leaders to help physicians achieve mutually agreed-on goals and metrics and align them with those of the organization Medical staff performance assessment and improvement activities, including peer review best practices, ways to incentivize excellence, and how to address issues in a timely, compassionate way Negotiation of performance expectations with management and the hospital's board that are consistent with the organization's strategic plan Physician engagement and alignment strategies that will enable physicians and management to work together to achieve the goals of population health and reduced operating costs Healthcare executives and administrators, physician executives, and board leaders can use this book as a guide to learn from organizations that have successfully integrated and aligned with their medical staffs into a collaborative environment. Examples of organizations with medical staffs that have made a complete commitment to the success of their enterprises and the health of their communities are incorporated throughout the book.… (more)

Local notes

The organized medical staff : moving from autonomy to accountability
Strategic medical staff development planning : moving from demographic to strategic recruitment
and retention
Credentialing and privileging-getting more selective
Privileging challenges
Negotiating performance expectations
Creating performance indicators and targets collaboratively
Moving peer review from quality assurance to performance improvement
Providing feedback and managing improvement
Addressing significant performance issues collaboratively
Taking corrective action
Effective models of medical staff integration and alignment
Best practice medical staffs : examples from the field.
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