Life and Death in the Executive Fast Lane : Essays on Irrational Organizations and Their Leaders

by Kets de Vries

Paper Book, 1995



Call number

IBMC Library - HD 31 K462 1995


San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass


0787901121 / 9780787901127


World-renowned management guru and expert in corporate neurosisManfred F. R. Kets de Vries puts organizations on the couch. Bycombining the dismal science of management and the impossibleprofession of psychoanalysis, Kets de Vries presents eclecticadvice on how things really work in organizations. These brief and insightful essays not only decipher problems thatare common in organizational life, but they also shed light on someof the underlying dimensions that often go unnoticed. Kets de Vries covers everything from leadership andentrepreneurship to downsizing and managing acquisitions, usingcontemporary examples like Robert Maxwell, Jack Welch, Tom Peters,Robert Coles, and John Gardner.

Local notes

Part one: Leaders and the organization
If I'm the leader, will anyone follow? A definition of leadership
Welcome to the snake pit: the new CEO
Boiled frogs and dancing elephants: change and downsizing
Merger fever: managing acquisition
Do you like singing the company song? Corporate culture
A cultural Tower of Babel: managing across borders
Are you sure you want to work abroad? International assignments
Do you have the right stuff? The making of a global leader
When the future is now: leadership for the next millenium
Part two: Leaders and individuals
Is anatomy really destiny? Women as leaders
Joining the family burlesque: family firms
Reaping the whirlwind: creativity at work
CEOs also have the blues: succession and retirement
Do workaholics have more fun? Balancing work and pleasure
Dead fish, incorporated: alexithymia in organizations
Doing a Maxwell: the dark side of enterepreneurship
Why work for a Genghis Khan? Appeasing the aggressor
Leaders who go off the deap end: narcissism and hubris
Conclusion: in praise of a little madness.
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