Straight A Leadership: Alignment Action Accountability

by Quint Studer

Paperback, 2009



Call number

IBMC Library - BF 637 L4


Gulf Breeze, FL : Fire Starter Publishing


0984079416 / 9780984079414

Local notes

The book is based on Studer Group's work with hundreds of top healthcare organizations. It makes the case the vast majority of problems organizations face fall under one of the following three categories: Alignment - Think of C-suite leaders as aircraft pilots. If a pilot makes even a tiny error in setting longitude or latitude at the start of the flight, the plane can end up in the wrong city. Likewise, a small misalignment at the top echelon of a healthcare organization can spark problems that multiply as they cascade through the leadership hierarchy-causing everyone to veer off course. Action - Sometimes an organization is implementing the right action plan but it's being poorly executed. Other times, so many actions are taking place that they're working against each other, in the way that multiple medications can interfere with each other's effectiveness. Either way, the impact of each action is diminished or desired results go completely unmet. Accountability - An organization may be properly aligned and taking the right action steps, but without a good system of accountability in place, it will get only short term gains. The absence of accountability-for selecting the right talent, teaching the right tools and techniques, validating positive behaviors and evaluating overall performance-can derail long term results. Straight A Leadership offers a wealth of thoughtful, evidence-based insights on addressing the three in light of an organization's external environment.

Section one: The straight A diagnosis -- Chapter One: Alignment -- Chapter Two: Action -- Chapter Three:
Accountability -- Chapter Four: Leader consistency & best practices -- Section Two: External
environment communication skills -- Chapter Five Tool: Senior leader visibility -- Chapter Six Tool:
Tough questions -- Chapter Seven Tool: The financial impact grid -- Chapter Eight Tool: Supervisory
meeting model -- Chapter Nine Tool: Rounding for external environment issues -- Chapter Ten Tool:
Standards of behavior -- Chapter Eleven Tool: Employee Forums -- Chapter Twelve Tool: Communication
Boards -- Chapter Thirteen Tool: Newsletters -- Section Three: Senior leader toolkit -- Chapter Fourteen:
Senior leader toolkit -- Section Four: The basics -- Chapter Fifteen: A word about consistency A
closing thought Organizational assessment
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