Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling

by Rodney J. Hunter (Editor)

Paperback, 1990



Call number

IBMC Library - BV 4011 D43 1990 - Shlvd w/ Pastoral Care


Nashville : Abingdon Press


068710761X / 9780687107612


Pastoral Care and Counseling has changed radically since the publication of the Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling. Rapid changes have occurred in theological, social, and medical contexts broadening the understanding of care. The shift from the "living human document" to the "living human web" both enriches and challenges the study and practice of pastoral theology. Bringing the field current, this Expanded Edition offers authoritative, easy-to-find information that will assist anyone engaged in the study or practice of pastoral care and counseling. Now more than 1200 state-of-the art articles, prepared by experts in the field, cover virtually every topic related to pastoral care and counseling.  The volume is ecumenical in its vision, enlisting the participation of nearly 600 Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, and Jewish contributors.  This volume is easy to use.  Concise articles are arranged in alphabetical order, knit together through an extensive cross-referencing system.  These cross-references, together with bibliographies and dummy headings, enable the reader to find information quickly, see the interrelation of topics, and identify additional sources of information and insight. The Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Expanded Edition also includes longer, more detailed articles and essays.  By offering critical perspectives and creative insights, these articles contain abundant resources for the assessment and future development of contemporary practice.  Thus the volumje is also an encyclopedic reference that will aid research and teaching, as well as providing insights into the future development of pastoral care and counseling. CDROM included with this Volume! The Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling Expanded Edition also contains the entire volume on CD-ROM searchable in the Folio#65533; Search format. Folio#65533; provides rapid, offline text searching across large volumes of mission-critical reference information. Folio#65533; enables users to enhance the value of content by adding rich markup, including structure, commentary and different types of links. Users can further adapt the content to their specific needs with easy-to-use annotative features such as notes, highlighters and saved searches. Folio#65533; users know these features define the difference between merely accessing information and really putting it to work to create an information advantage. Features of the Folio#65533; search and database technology: Offer rapid, accurate searching. Users enjoy both simple and advanced search features, customizable search forms and canned searches, all with extremely fast response times. Hits can be seen in context - highlighted within short summaries of the document - and users can see where the document is stored within their overall information library. Enable a personalized research experience. Users can adapt publications to their needs without modifying your source data thanks to searchable "sticky" notes, visual and searchable highlighters, bookmarks and personal cross references. Enable cut-and-paste accessibilities. Users can cut-and-paste information into their favorite word processing software package.  System Requirements For Windows: 486 or higher PC Microsoft Windows 95 or higher 16 MB RAM 12 MB free hard drive space CD-ROM Drive… (more)

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