Pastoral Care of Older Adults

by Harold Koenig

Other authorsAndrew J. Weaver (Author)
Paperback, 1998



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Minneapolis, MN : Fortress Press


0800629647 / 9780800629649


By the year 2000 more than half of mainline Protestants will be over the age of sixty. Older adults have special needs to which many pastors are not adequately prepared to minister. Pastoral Care of Older Adults addresses such problems, many of which were identified in an extensive survey of clergy. The book provides practical guidance for parish pastors, and other counselors, to deal with such issues as Alzheimer'sdisease, the chronically ill, relocation, health crises, grief, depression, anxiety, gender differences, poverty, and the issues faced by the children of older adults.

Local notes

What health changes can be expected with normal aging? -- What can older adults do to maintain their physical health? -- What can older adults do to maintain their mental health? -- How can spiritual growth be facilitated in later life? -- What is Alzheimer's disease and what can be done? -- How can caregivers and families be helped to cope with their responsibilities -- How can community resources for older persons be located? -- What information is necessary about nursing homes? -- How do older persons cope with disability and dependency? -- What can older persons do to feel useful and needed? -- How can older persons who feel lonely and isolated be helped? -- How can faith help older persons cope with chronic illness? -- How can older persons who are depressed, grieving or suicidal be helped? -- How can older persons who are anxious or fearful be helped? -- What can be done to help older persons with cancer or terminal illness?
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