Little Whale: A Day in the Life of a Whale Calf (Really Wild Families)

by Anna Brett

Other authorsCarmen Saldaña (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2023



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words & pictures (2023), 48 pages


Discover what Little Whale gets up to and explore its world, in this fun and informative title from the Really Wild Families series.   Little Whale has a small and loving pod but a much wider family in the big ocean, and can't wait to introduce you to all these friends. Little Whale explores the ocean all day with its mum, are you excited to swim along with them? Carmen Saldaña's charming illustrations will make this informative book a hit with children of all ages! This charming celebration of humpback whales will show children just how amazing nature is and is a reminder that it is up to us to care for the planet and all its creatures. Learn all about the gentle giant of the ocean, by exploring: - Their mesmerizing whale songs that can be heard for thousands of miles - The huge annual migrations they undertake - The relationships within their pods - The flips, jumps and tricks humpback whales perform   This adorable story is followed by a fun factivity section packed with craft projects, case studies and a quiz section at the back of the book, so you can put everything you have learned about Little Whale and their family to the test. In the Really Wild Families series, based on the everyday adventures of wild animals, discover what the littlest members of the family get up to! Through their eyes we will explore their habitats, family dynamics and how they play, grow and survive as a family.… (more)


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48 p.; 8.66 inches


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