Kent Island Heritage Society, Inc. Library

Welcome to the Kent island Heritage Society, Inc. library. Located at the Kent Island branch library in Stevensville, MD. We are currently re-organizing our new History Room. Due to a reduction in space some items will be stored offsite and may be accessible for researchers. Please check with us regarding availability of titles. We will keep all the titles on TinyCat for the time being and make changes as we progress in our work. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Please check our website, Facebook, or Twitter feed for updates. Please visit our website at for more information.

Enter a search term or search using one of the following categories to see what we have cataloged: Delaware, Eastern Shore, General Genealogy, Kent Island, Kirwan House Collection, Maritime, Maryland, Miscellaneous, Pennsylvania, Queen Anne's County, Virginia, or War Records. You can also mouse over a title below to stop scrolling and click on a title to provide additional information. As we receive new content it will be posted on these pages!
ALL Books, periodicals, documents, photos, family bible summaries, newspapers, magazines, and other materials are for IN LIBRARY USE ONLY and may not be checked out or removed. Research help is available by contacting us at [email protected].
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