Brioche Chic

by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark

Paperback, 2014






A modern take on brioche stitch with gorgeous wearable garments and accessories that knitters will love. Knitters will create striking colorwork and beautiful brioche cable designs with Brioche Chic. Author Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark offers a solid introduction to brioche knitting and a collection of 22 garments and accessories for women and men, including hats, scarves, cowls, mittens, pullovers, vests, and cardigans. Striking brioche stitch designs that are not overwhelming or full of complicated techniques will reel in readers to this fun style of knitting. Starting with the basics, Brioche Chic offers mini collections of garments revolving around a specific set of techniques. Basic brioche knitting starts the first section, as Mercedes shows how the basic rib pattern can be adapted to simple motifs, lace, and various textures. Later, she offers more complex designs such as cables and various types of two-color brioche. Some of the featured garments are all-over brioche, while others integrate brioche with stockinette stitch for more streamlined, flattering designs.… (more)


Interweave (2014), 152 pages, F&W Media Interweave Press

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LibraryThing member pennyshima
Brioche, it's not just for bread. In knitting, the brioche stitch is a unique stitch that combines two common techniques, double knitting with a k1p1 rib to create a unique fabric that's thick and textural. Brioche fabric is often reversible and colour work is simpler than in many traditional forms
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as each colour is worked one at a time.

Brioche Chic lives up to its title providing 22 knitting patterns many of which are suitable or designed specifically for men. In addition, it contains several knitting classes-worth of material covering the basics of brioche knitting and beyond. The educational sections contain clearly photographed knit swatches, line drawings to illustrate techniques, descriptions, and useful tips.

If you are new to brioche knitting, the first section covers the basics, starting with a single colour brioche rib, either worked flat or in the round. After that foundation skill is learned, additional techniques such as shaping and how to decode the brioche stitch language in both abbreviation (such as brykyobrkyobrk) and chart form are covered. The tips are helpful, such as how and why to use locking stitch markers (or coil-less safety pins) to mark individual stitches. The first two patterns reiterate the basic stitch both knitted flat and in the round. From there the possibilities expand, a shawl shows how increasing can be used to simply and beautifully create a complex looking accessory, and how these basic stitches can be paired with classic garment shapes to create something special.

After covering the basics, Tarasovich-Clark shows how basic brioche stitches can be transformed further with twisted stitches (cables) and the introduction of a second colour, many of these stitches are reversible, but not all. I wish the wrong side of the fabric for selected flat-shaped cables was shown to illustrate how it differs. It was fascinating to learn how different weight yarns can be paired to change the effect of the vertical stripes in an otherwise ordinary two-colour brioche rib. The patterns for these two sections also build on the skills explained at the start of each chapter, the garments are based on classic shapes and should appeal to a variety of knitters. The book ends with Special (helpful) Topics, including how to weave in ends, seam, block, how to thread a life line, and correct mistakes.

With Brioche Chic Tarasovich-Clark shows how a basic technique can expand into colourful and creative possibilities.

You can find more brioche resources at the author's website.

Note: the publisher sent me a copy this book to review.
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