Lace One-Skein Wonders®: 101 Projects Celebrating the Possibilities of Lace

by Judith Durant (Editor)

Paperback, 2013






Stretch a single skein of yarn into a complete knitted lace project. Knitters of all levels will be thrilled by the dizzying array of lace wonders that can be created with such a small fiber sample. Try your hand at an heirloom-quality lace shawl, light and airy curtains, cozy baby blankets, a dainty child's dress, and much more. With clear instructions for 101 projects contributed by designers and knitters from around the world, you'll be inspired to pull out your needles and get knitting.


Storey Publishing, LLC (2013), 304 pages

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LibraryThing member jbarr5
Lace One-Skein Wonders 101 Projects Celebrating the Possibilities of Lace by Judith Durant
This follows the series of one skein wonders, in different formats: knit, crochet and now lace.
Love the sections, broken up into: head to toe( has things for heads, hands and feet), knits for kids (baby
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it's a wrap (scarves, cowls, shawls, wraps) and accessories(bags, headbands, etc), and for the home( pillows, bath sets, cozies). includes an appendix showing diagrams on many techniques and helpful information about certain stitching.
All the items are knit using a lacy pattern. There are MANY hats to select from. All are charted and written out with row by row instructions.
My favorites are the dishcloths in the bath sets. I like this book as a resource better than the standard knit one skein wonders because the patterns are challenging and not hard to follow.
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LibraryThing member silverarrowknits
This book was generously donated by Storey Publishing for review.

First Impressions: So many pretty patterns! I really love these 101 one-skein knitting pattern books. There are so many patterns for that random skein of yarn that you picked up that little yarn boutique or that extra ball of yarn for
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the shawl that you made last year. As a super extra bonus, the book is less than $20.

The Details: This book contains 101 lace designs. There are 12 hat and cap patterns, 9 mitten, glove, and cuff patterns, 7 sock patterns, 11 baby wear patterns, 2 blanket patterns, 2 toy patterns, 19 scarf patterns (I loved the Butterflies Are Free pattern), 9 cowl patterns, 15 shawl and stole patterns, 8 miscellaneous lacy accessories, and 7 miscellaneous home accessories. The patterns are not just for lace weight yarns; there are a variety of yarn weights for the patterns. Unsurprisingly, the patterns are not geared towards men. Please note that if you love charts, not all of the patterns have them.

Final Impressions: This is another great 101 One-Skein Wonder books. You can't go wrong with so many patterns for such little money. This is a great book for knitters who like me picks up a skein of yarn every once in a while (or more often) without a pattern in mind and doesn't know what to do with the skein later.
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LibraryThing member Cyndecat
The is a beautiful book filled with wonderful Knitting projects! Each project is presented with clear instructions, diagrams where necessary and wonderful photography which shows the project magnificently, but often show techniques or close-ups of sections to help explain the instructions as
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well.If you are a knitter this book will open a wealth of projects to dream over and accomplish. Each project is very well outlined and explained so there will be no difficulty completing each of these wonderful projects. There are all kinds of projects: shawls, fingerless gloves, socks , scarves and others , all with a lacy touch.There are explicit diagrams showing where each stitch goes in the project and esplanations on how to accomplish each stitch. This book was provided to me as an ebook through NetGalley. When I requested this book I did not realize it was a knitting project book (I crochet) howeverit thrilled me to see such exquisite projects , that I am pulling my knitting needles out of moth balls and trying to remember how it is done again!

This is a wonderful book and I recommend these beautiful patterns to any knitters with the desire to make intricate lacy items!
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LibraryThing member fashionablyloud1
So you want to learn to lace, but you don't want to invest in a huge prayer shawl? Then this book is the best investment you could make! It will teach you a new technique, or simply enhance your current one! It will also allow you to start new projects & finish them! I consider this my Sunday book,
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I open it up, pick a project, & spend the afternoon creating & completing! Very easy reading & not overwhelming to beginners or those that want to teach themselves!
I took this book down to my local yarn shop/knittery (A Good Yarn) & on certain days of the week, you can find several knitters focused on their projects & discussing new projects! I was pleased to find that several of these ladies were interested in trying a project a month! I picked the "Etta Hat", very trendy & fun. The "Lacy Beret" seemed to be another favorite!
Something to consider, the author chose stylish patterns, & supplied year round timeless trends! A must have for any knitter!
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LibraryThing member MusicalKnitter
I find this book practical yet inspiring!! It is practical because there are all sorts of techniques shown in the back (thank you for including using 2 circular needles and the magic loop methods) as well as tips all through the book. The instructions are clear and include both charts and written
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instructions for most patterns.
The inspiration comes in the variety and various levels of the designs. There are many choices at many levels and the patterns are written to take out the mistique of making lace. I look forward to starting a pattern but it will be hard to choose one! The Lacy Pig Buddy will be fun and the shawls, hats, scarves and mittens will be great for my charity knitting/crocheting while adding some class the gifts. I can hardly wait to get stated!!
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