Increase, Decrease: 99 Step-by-Step Methods; Find the Perfect Technique for Shaping Every Knitting Project

by Judith Durant

Paper Book, 2015






The secret to knitting great-fitting hats and shaping elegant sleeves lies in using the right increase or decrease techniques. Approachable and insightful, Judith Durant provides clear instructions and step-by-step photographs that showcase swatches for each technique. From working shaped lace to adjusting necklines, you'll soon have a go-to strategy for successfully tackling knitting challenges of all shapes and sizes.


Storey Publishing, LLC (2015), Edition: Spi, 256 pages

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User reviews

LibraryThing member lizasarusrex
This is a book about the different sorts of increases and decrease stitches in knitting. It's a very informative book that I found to be very helpful. I personally am a pretty good knitter, and have been working on writing my own patterns. This book was especially great for showing me different
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ways of increasing and decreasing stitches, giving me many different options in the patterns I write by hand. I would recommend to anyone who is also writing their own patterns, as well as beginners who are learning new stitches. There are clear step by step pictures for every different stitch, that anyone can easily follow.

Pre-Order the book today. It will be released May 5, 2015.
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LibraryThing member CathyGeha
Comprehensive, concise and complete – this book is filled with useful information, diagrams and photographs. The photographs show exactly what a type of increase or decrease will look like and each type of increase and decrease has photographs of someone knitting each step of the increase or
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decrease process. There are also illustrations of how various increases and decreases can be used within patterned sleeves, hats and other items. I have been knitting 55 years and could have used the information in this book in the past – I will definitely use it in the future since I also design my own garments from time to time. I plan to buy this in hard copy as soon as I can!

Thank you Net Galley and Storey Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this wonderful book!
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LibraryThing member Dokfintong
I am a self-taught very experienced knitter who generally favours Aran sweaters in wool. Now that I live in the humid tropics there isn't much call for those but I like to knit and would still, if the weather would let me. As a self-taught knitter there are things I don't know and most technical
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book intended for the high-intermediate or advanced knitter offer some new insights. This book is no exception.

The highly codified content is useful if a bit pedantic. (There is not much reason to treat k2tog and k3tog as being fundamentally different.) I like the clear statements about when to use technique A and when to use B.

Looking at the negative reviews, some people find the book too simple. Whether you will find the book useful yourself depends, I suppose, on how many similar books you have read. If you are unsure, then perhaps the less expensive ebook will be a good investment.

This is one craft book that is perfectly OK as an ebook because it won't flip shut on you. The spiral bound paper is a wonderfully practical approach.

I received an electronic review copy of "Increase, Decrease: 99 Step-by-Step Methods; Find the Perfect Technique for Shaping Every Knitting Project" by Judith Durant (Storey) through
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