Knit One Below: One Stitch, Many Fabrics

by Elise Duvekot

Paperback, 2008






The bright idea behind this guide is to build an entire collection around one simple stitch that creates many intriguing effects. Shown in knitting instructions as "k1b" (knit 1 below), the technique involves knitting into the stitch one row below the stitch on the needle with either a knit or a purl stitch. The result is an easy-to-knit fabric with wonderful drape and flexibility that looks equally good on both sides. The color effects possible are also impressive: by alternating two or more colors, weights, or fibers, flattering vertical columns appear on one side of the fabric and a mottled pattern shows on the other. Making the most of this double-sided characteristic, the projects include afghans, scarves, bags, jackets with turned-back lapels, and hats with turned-up brims, all constructed from simple shapes and requiring minimal finishing. Several designs go beyond the basic stitch by adding cables, felting, and intarsia designs.… (more)


Xrx Books (2008), 147 pages

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This book offers a fun and simple way to create many intriguing color effects by using a stitch called "k1b" (knit 1 below). This technique requires the knitting or purling into the stitch one row below the stitch on the needle. Many interesting and varied color effects can be created and both
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sides of the fabric look good. A variety of patterns at different skill levels, most with minimal finishing.
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