Slip-Stitch Knitting

by Roxana Bartlett

Paperback, 1998






This guide to slip-stitch knitting explores multicolored knitting through slip-stitches, also known as "mosaic knitting," offering step-by-step instructions for reading charts, suggestions and inspirations for color choices, ideas for enhancing designs with texture, and tips on creating your own charts. Also included are complete instructions for fourteen original garments from mittens to sweaters.


Interweave Press (1998), 96 pages

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LibraryThing member KatySilbs
Taking inspirations from Barbara Walker's mosaic knitting, Bartlett explores more extensively the use of color in slip stitch knitting. In a number of examples, she keeps one color constant, but varies the colors of the alternating motif. In one chapter she discusses the effect of the fiber of the
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yarn on the visual effect of the pattern. She has many color photos to illustrate the variations. Another chapter is devoted to how to create and graph your own slip stitch pattern. Finally she provides instructions for knitting about half a dozen sweaters and vests.

Slip-Stitch Knitting uses the same charting system as the Walker volumes. Bartlett provides a few dozen new slip-stitch patterns. There are some lovely floral patterns, and a number of animals. This volume certainly adds to, rather than repeats, the information about mosaic knitting in Walker's work.
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