Folk Shawls: 25 knitting patterns and tales from around the world (Folk Knitting series)

by Cheryl Oberle

Paperback, 2000






Shawls are currently making a huge comeback in the fashion world, but many people do not realize that the shawl has been worn for many centuries and in many cultures. This collection of patterns and traditions features shawls from around the world. From the Himalayas to Spain, from Iceland to Japan, and from Mexico to Norway, many of the shawls featured here have been taken from examples of historic knitted shawls. Other designs have been translated into knitwear from patterns for woven or lace shawls. Included are 25 patterns as well as historical and cultural information about shawls that have been used for prayer and mourning, as bridal veils, and as christening garments. Each design is presented with a full-page color photo, written instructions, and charts.… (more)


Interweave (2000), Edition: Third Printing, 144 pages

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User reviews

LibraryThing member rainwood
Brilliant book, well written and wonderful patterns, timeless and classic. Should be a staple in every knitting library.
LibraryThing member SheWhoReads
One of the first knitting pattern books I ever bought, and still one of my favorite. Contains some absolutely gorgeous shawl patterns (with easily understandable instructions) and intriguing tid-bits of folklore. Excellent!
LibraryThing member KatySilbs
This is a wonderful book for the beginner knitter. There is some variation in difficulty, but there are at least a dozen great "first projects" in this book. Shawls are also nice for the beginning knitter because the stitch gauge is a bit more forgiving, than it would be for a fitted sweater. Each
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sweater has a large color photo, and the shawl to be knitted is clearly displayed. Each pattern has written instructions and charts for certain parts of the shawl. I've knit several shawls from this book and loved every one of them.
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LibraryThing member 391
Folk Shawls contains 25 beautiful shawls from around the world, covering an array of cultural traditions and workmanship. The book is beautifully laid out, with photos and drawing accompanying each pattern.
LibraryThing member PrivateJane
I love, Love, LOVE this book. A wide selection of patterns and I can see myself making quite a lot of them. Remember to check Interweave's website for errata.
LibraryThing member aphroditespins
A must-have book for any knitter. Patterns are well-written and easy to follow, lend themselves to variation and experimentation (handspun? fat yarn? skinny yarn? yarn of a different fiber?) as well. I've worn out one copy, my second is looking rather tired now as well. Even if you only knit one
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shawl per year you'll enjoy this book!
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LibraryThing member Pferdina
Twenty-five patterns for shawls, based on folk shawls from around the world. A little intro explains the characteristics of each region's shawls before getting in to the patterns.
LibraryThing member ritaer
Time to admit I am never going to knit these

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