All Wound Up: The Yarn Harlot Writes for a Spin

by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Hardcover, 2011






Bestselling author and self-proclaimed Yarn Harlot Pearl-McPhee spins her third yarn on knitting for the 60 million knitters in North America. In her trademark style, she talks about knitting, parenting, friendship, and--gasp!--even crocheting in essays that are at times touching, often hilarious, and always entertaining -- Publisher.


Andrews McMeel Publishing (2011), 240 pages

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User reviews

LibraryThing member SwitchKnitter
My three stars are probably unfair to the book. My depression is really getting in the way of enjoying my reading. But it just seemed like "same old Yarn Harlot" -- funny in places, but nothing new. The piece on the period of not-knitting was beautiful and sad, though. I liked it a lot. Suits my
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LibraryThing member handy1
Good for what it is, which is an entertaining, light, sometimes humorous series of essays by a very likable married woman who loves to knit.
LibraryThing member justicefortibet
The Yarn Harlot rides again! Stephanie Pearl-McPhee never fails to make me laugh, no matter the subject. In this book she touches on the cool kids in high school, how to raise your children without killing them, the beauty of October and, of course, yarn, glorious yarn. Knitters will roll their
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eyes with each familiar tale of stashes, tinking, and deadlines. A great book of short pieces to read during a break from your knitting.
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LibraryThing member sriemann
Really nicely done. Not only are those essays that are humorous really humorous and those meant to be moving or thoughtful really thoughtful - I felt like a lot of care went into picking just the right words and phrases to evoke those moods. One of YarnHarlot's best.
LibraryThing member gmillar
As always, I love this woman's twisted mind and her clever use of the English language.
LibraryThing member cygnet81
I read the yarn harlot blog but this was the first book I'd read. It was truly funny and well written - across between a memoir and a book of funny essays.
LibraryThing member LyndaInOregon
As a knitter, I always appreciate Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's books. This early collection of her blogs (published 2011) is no exception.

Knitters will identify with swatches that lie, unfortunate matches between pattern and yarn, random mathematical oddities (such as the inability to count up to two),
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patterns with land mines embedded in them, and other hazards of the hobby.

Non-knitters will have to satisfy themselves with domestic humor (how replacing a washing machine essentially led to the deconstruction of a large portion of her house), a break-up letter written to an inanimate object, musings on family life, and how even the dorkiest kid in high school can eventually end up sitting at "the cool table".

This one goes into the permanent library.
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