Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting

by Marianne Kinzel

Paperback, 1972






Knitters who have mastered the designs in Marianne Kinzel's First Book of Modern Lace Knitting as well as needleworkers looking for distinctive knitted lace patterns and projects will welcome this second book by Mrs. Kinzel. The new designs include ""Maidenhair,"" ""Diamond,"" ""Grand Slam"" (a special feature for bridge players), ""Arabesque,"" ""La Traviata,"" ""Maple Garland,"" ""Lilac Time,"" ""Trifolium,"" and a set of three of Mrs. Kinzel's noted floral patterns, ""Daffodil,"" ""Balmoral,"" and ""Rose of England.""Marianne Kinzel, well known to knitters in the United Kingdom and the United States, has long been admired for her clear presentations and original designs. In this second volume, she begins with basic instructions, allowing the average knitter to work easily from the instructions in the patterns. Other chapters outline many new designs in lace knitting for two needles, for knitting with wool, for oval and oblong designs, and for round designs. Over 29 complete projects include lace by the yard, altar lace, dress trimmings, tea cloths, scarves, stoles, dinner cloths, and cheval sets. Instructions are presented both in the traditional written-out method and in the chart-and-symbol method. There are keys to the charts in the three languages, lavish and helpful illustrations, and sound practical advice on knitting techniques plus finishing and laundering each piece. There are also instructions for altering the patterns to your own special needs.The designs in this book are among Marianne Kinzel's most requested. Amateur and professional knitters alike will note the extraordinary virtuosity underlying such a design as ""Lilac Time,"" which can be adapted to so many different forms, and the contemporary appropriateness of such designs as ""Grand Slam,"" ""La Traviata,"" and the ""Daffodil,"" ""Balmoral,"" and ""Rose of England."" You will also find the projects comparatively short in time and low in cost to accomplish.… (more)


Dover Publications (1972), Edition: Revised ed., 126 pages

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User reviews

LibraryThing member wyvernfriend
Still in print this is a comprehensive look at lace knitting, it's an interesting one. I've thought about lace knitting before and this one goes through how to start and how to finish a lace knitted piece. Most of the patterns are for knitted table-cloths or runners but there are a few other pieces
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in there as well. With a good knitting dictionary you could adapt things for another piece. The stoles incorporated in the book are fairly simple, so I would guess they would be good beginner lace knitting pieces.

I haven't stitched any of these so I'm not sure about the patterns but they are interesting and did make me want to reach for my needles so that's a winner. It's strangely rare, even though it is published by Dover (and available from their website along with the First book of Modern Lace Knitting, and on my wishlist).

If you're looking for a fairly cheap book on lace knitting and particularly if you're looking to knit table-cloths this is a good one. Interesting patterns but simple enough for someone with some experience looking to expand their horizons.

The pictures could do with some updating, they're a bit dark
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LibraryThing member 391
The first and second books of Modern Lace Knitting are beautiful. The lace intricate and beautiful. Most of the patterns are for doilies or other decorative accents, but they can - with the right yarn - be expanded into wearable shawls, curtains, table runners or any other lacy thing you fancy. The
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language is a bit dated, but otherwise easy to figure out.
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LibraryThing member MarlaF
Beautiful fine lace - doilies and tablecloths mainly
LibraryThing member ritaer
Never going to knit these.

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