Vintage Knits: Thirty Knitting Designs for Men and Women

by Kaffe Fassett (Designer)

Other authorsKim Hargreaves (Designer)
Hardcover, 2005






Glorifying the recovered pleasures of fine cloth, rich texture, and a relaxed fit, this collection of vintage patterns draws its inspiration from the charm, simplicity, and elegance of mid-20th-century clothing. Rejuvenated by the postwar years, men and women embraced styles that captured feminine appeal and masculine exuberance, with well-tailored designs and graceful finishing touches that are re-created here. The 31 patterns in this volume--from cardigans and jackets to scarves and pullovers--have been inspired by old photographs, archival patterns, and classic Hollywood films and have been adapted for modern figures and contemporary knitters.


Trafalgar Square Books (2005), 137 pages

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User reviews

LibraryThing member chatgarou
Including the popular pattern Demi, this book presents classic sweater designs knitted with diverse techniques, stranded, intarsia, cable and lace. Some sweaters could be dressed-up or down by doing or omitting embroidery on it. It also have substantial number of very wearable men's sweater.
LibraryThing member gmillar
Contains 30 designs from "Rowan" for men and women.Half a dozen designers, one of whom is Kaffe Fassett, have contributed to this collection. None of the designs impress me much but the photography is good.
LibraryThing member Janientrelac
very good looking projects and models, nothing very new or interesting to knit, all set in sleeves and very conventional
LibraryThing member wyvernfriend
The descriptions about the garments just made me laugh. It's written like a vogue fashion guidebook, describing the accessories and garments with the knitted items, and occasionally the locations, rather than concentrating on how the garment is made and what the details are. Once you get past this
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attempt to be a fashion book and you realise that many of the patterns are in fact pretty classic pieces and quite nice really. This was first published as Vintage Style by Rowan Yarns in 2004; this is a 2010 reprint by Search Press. The designers are Kaffe Fassett; Sarah Dallas; Kim Hargreaves; Martin Storey; Sharon Peake; Louisa Harding; Brandon Mably and Lucinda Guy. This is a book of designs inspired by the 40's, 50's and 60's designed for a more modern sensibility. The sizing for women's doesn't really go above 40" but wwith a range of sizes sizing up shouldn't be too hard.

Translated for the american audience the US needle size takes precidence. Kim Hargreaves has the majority of patterns here so if you like her style this might be the book for you.

I though most of the patterns were pretty classic or adaptable to be more classic with changes of colour or leaving off some of the ornamentation.
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