Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn

by Carol Sulcoski

Paperback, 2009






Providing technical guidance as well as fun, creative patterns, this resource tackles handpainted yarns, identifying the many challenges--and many opportunities--they provide for knitting socks. Focusing on how to make the most of these much-loved yarns, it explains how to design projects with hand-dyed material versus other types of yarns, how to avoid the pitfalls of pooling and splotching, and how to combine multicolored hand paints with other types of yarns. Fresh, modern sock patterns from a variety of contributors illustrate their successful techniques, showing that with creativity and a little technical know-how, knitters can fully take advantage of these beautiful, yet sometimes tricky, yarns.


Interweave (2009), 128 pages

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User reviews

LibraryThing member calotype
An excellent and much-needed book on the subject, including a first-rate introduction to the special characteristics of handpainted yarns and how to grapple with them in your knitting.
LibraryThing member Daisydaisydaisy
An excellent book with plenty of practical ideas for using handpainted yarns for knitting socks, and avoiding commong pitfalls. Beautiful patterns.

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