Mary Thomas's Knitting Book

by Mary Thomas

Paperback, 1972






There is a knitting book as dependable as your own private instructor, as complete, as explicit, and equally as helpful . . . Mary Thomas's Knitting Book. It's a veritable encyclopedia of knitting, clearly and definitively explaining and illustrating every method, operation and stitch, and a good number of the patterns you are ever likely to need or use. After an engaging history of the craft and its implements, Miss Thomas carefully lays the foundation of knitting in the opening chapters ― how to hold needles, wind yarn, gauge stitches, control tension, etc. ― and builds gradually upon it in the following sections. These explain in lucid progression every operation in common knitting, from basic knit stitch and purl, casting on and casting off, shaping by decreases and increases to turning, triangular shapes and mitres, and knitting on the diagonal or bias. For the reader who has mastered these fundamental procedures, Miss Thomas devotes the remainder of the book to fancy knitting stitches and techniques, including color knitting by stranding and weaving; pattern weaving; knitting woven, by frame with its complement of stitches (plain, raised, rib, etc.), looped, beaded, embroidered by chart, using cross stitch, honeycomb, etc.; and making patterns for garments and working out their details (armholes, belts, buttonholes, collars, hems, necklines, pockets et al). To put what the reader learns into practice, she offers instructions and patterns for making various Shetland shawls, gloves, and socks. More than 250 technique diagrams clearly illustrate every operation and pattern as to position of hands, yarn, and needle, so the knitter will have no trouble in following along. For all knitters, whether beginner or adept, a chapter of helpful knitting hints on blocking, picking up dropped stitches, lengthening, knitting up, mending, taking-back (correcting), etc. completes these invaluable and personalized lessons. Unabridged republication of original (1938) edition.… (more)


Dover Publications (1972), 256 pages

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LibraryThing member KatySilbs
The 1972 Dover edition reprints the original 1938 imprint of Mary Thomas's Knitting Book. On the cover it is indicated that the book contains 248 illustrations. These include many clear line drawings of needles and yarn, as well as some visual puns and other forms of humor. Mary Thomas was British
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and knit with pins instead of needles. "British" (right-handed) and "Continental" (left-handed) knitting techniques are described and illustrated. Because the book was written in 1938 it contains a lot of practical information about the basics of knitting that we no longer know about in our more "convenient" society. For example, she has a discussion of the length on the fibers on the sheep -- along with a picture.

This is not an indispensable volume for the basic knitting library, but an interesting read for someone truly interested in the craft.
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LibraryThing member fibercrone
An unassuming little book jam packed with good knitting information.
LibraryThing member mvrdrk
Fascinating reading. Lots of basic fabric design and considerations and historical information. Haven't tried any of the patterns yet.

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