A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns

by Barbara G. Walker

Paperback, 1970






Contains 700 different knitting patterns.


Scribner (1970), Edition: 9th, 398 pages

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LibraryThing member KatySilbs
This is the 2nd volume of Barbara Walker's 4 volume reference library of knitting stitch patterns. Like the first volume, the stitch patterns are written out line by line, rather than charted. In this volume many of the patterns were contributed by readers of the first volume; contributors are
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noted on each pattern they provided. This is, in a sense, a wiki before wikis were formally defined. Walker indicates traditional historical patterns, and offers suggestions as to the type of garments best suited for a particular stitch.

Categories of stitches are: (1) knit-purl combinations; (2) slip-stitch patterns; (3) slip-stitch color patterns; (4) mosaic patterns; (5)fancy color patterns; (6)fancy texture patterns; (7) twist-stitch patterns; (8) cables; (9) cable-stitch patterns; (10) yarn-over patterns; (11) eyelets; (12) lace; (13) lace panels and insertions; (14) borders; (15) edgings.

Walker offers instructions on adapting the patterns to circular knitting, a stitch guide for adapting patterns to standard garmentsizes, and a few words of wisdom to us left-handers (or continental knitters) about not making things more complicated than they really are.

A photo accompanies every pattern; most are b&w, but this volume contains a few colored plates.

This volume is a timeless classic.
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LibraryThing member Mom_Lavender
Awesome book! Belongs in every knitter's library
LibraryThing member MarlaF
Perfect second stitch library in Barbara Walker's foursome.

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