Knitting in Plain English

by Maggie Righetti

Paperback, 1986






Whether you've been handling knitting needles for years, or just thinking about picking them up, "Knitting in Plain English" should be your bible. Drawing on twenty years of experience as "the knitting lady" in various yarn stores, Maggie Righetti provides sound instructions for beginners and sensible solutions for experienced knitters. Topics and techniques include: Picking a pattern that's right for you, determining gauge, how to knit and purl plus instructions for fifteen additional pattern stitches, how to make invisible increases and decreases, five different methods of buttonholing, how to short-row for a perfect fit, working with more than one color of yarn, how to weave invisible seams, picking up dropped stitches, how to hand-wash and block your finished garment, plus much, much more. From equipping your knitting bag to knitting a sweater, Maggie Righetti explains it all simply and clearly. Each technique is illustrated with easy-to-follow, step-by-step drawings. Complete with a detailed glossary of knitting terms and six learning patterns on which to practice, "Knitting in Plain English" is an invaluable sourcebook no knitter will outgrow.… (more)


St. Martin's Griffin (1986), Edition: 1st, 256 pages


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User reviews

LibraryThing member kukkurovaca
The explanations are concise, clear, and thorough, but some of the text is a bit clunky an dated.
LibraryThing member reader23
The instructions are written with humor and simplicity - a pleasure to read, if not to knit.
LibraryThing member jgaiser
I learned to knit from this book nearly 20 years ago. A good beginners reference and still part of my knitting library.
LibraryThing member veiland
Knitting in Plain English is one of those books that simply requires elevation to the top of the "Useful Knitting Guides" lists. Maggie Righetti approaches knitwear from multiple perspectives: As a teacher, she seeks to lessen your anxiety about knitting and making mistakes while simultaneously
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teaching you to look closely and careful BEFORE you cast on. Her chapter on how you can tell what's wrong with the pattern by the way the Model is posed should be required reading for every knitwear designer and knitwear publishing company. As a knitter she seeks to expand your knowledge of yarn, needles, and technique to ease your transition into this wonderful world. As a designer, she spends a considerable amount of time and ink ensuring that you have enough knowledge about garment design, ease, pattern, shaping, and fit to help you create those first sweaters and vests with ease.

I purchased this book when it was reissued and it was/is a worthwhile buy. Sometimes I read the chapter on model posing just for a good chuckle but the knowledge is invaluable.
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LibraryThing member nevusmom
It is a big help when I forget how to cast off!
LibraryThing member BeaStokes
Great basic guide for all knitting.
LibraryThing member mmignano11
This knitting book was the first book of its kind that I actually read in the same way I would read a mystery or fiction book. The author, Maggie Righetti, talks about how she has grown into a proficient knitter. She demystifies knitting for the beginning knitter and finds understanding with the
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more experienced knitter. This book is not about the newer trends in arm and hand knitting but discusses the many stitches and techniques that knitters have been using for years. She uses easy to understand instructions and talks the reader through some of the common mistakes knitters run into without overwhelming with too much to say. She has an easy style that is helpful and surprisingly engaging. Who thought a book on knitting could be so entertaining? I highly recommend this book for beginning knitters who want an overview of the subject and/or experienced knitters who want to share the knowledge of a knitter who truly enjoys her craft and wants to share her expertise in a non-threatening way with others
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