Knitlandia: A Knitter Sees the World

by Clara Parkes

Hardcover, 2016






Biography & Autobiography. Crafts. Nonfiction. HTML: A New York Times Bestseller Knitting aficionado and notable artisan Clara Parkes delves into her storied travels with this inspiring and witty memoir on a creative life enriched by her adventures around the world. Building on the success of The Yarn Whisperer, Parkes's rich personal essays invite readers and devoted crafters on excursions to be savored, from a guide who quickly comes to feel like a trusted confidante. In Knitlandia, she takes readers along on 17 of her most memorable journeys across the globe over the last 15 years, with stories spanning from the fjords of Iceland to a cozy yarn shop in Paris's 13th arrondissement. Also known for her PBS television appearances and hugely popular line of small-batch handcrafted yarns, Parkes weaves her personal blend of wisdom and humor into this eloquently down-to-earth guide that is part personal travel narrative and part cultural history, touching the heart of what it means to live creatively. Join Parkes as she ventures to locales both foreign and familiar in chapters like: Chasing a Legend in Taos Glass, Grass, and the Power of Place: Tacoma, Washington A Thing for Socks and a Very Big Plan: Portland, Oregon Autumn on the Hudson: The New York Sheep & Wool Festival Cashmere Dreams and British Breeds: A Last-Minute Visit to Edinburgh, Scotland   Fans of travel writing, as well as knitters, crocheters, designers, and fiber artists alike, will enjoy the masterful narrative in these intimate tales from a life well crafted. Whether you've committed to exploring your own wanderlust or are an armchair traveler curled up in your coziest slippers, Knitlandia is sure to inspire laughter, tears, and maybe some travel plans of your own. .… (more)


Stewart, Tabori and Chang (2016), 160 pages


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User reviews

LibraryThing member cygnet81
Exactly what I needed in this moment - a book about the many many knitters in the world and the places they call holy.
LibraryThing member maryzee
Interesting learning about yarn festivals but mostly a lot of name dropping, self praise and totally irrelevant comments about other people - usually rude.
LibraryThing member pennyshima
Drawing on her experience as a travel writer, traveller, and curious knitter intent on understanding how yarn works, Parkes has released a wonderful collections of essays about her journeys.

As an acknowledged fangirl of her writing, did I read this collection with a rosy tint to my glasses? No.
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Parkes is a master writer and storyteller. She crafts the right words in the right order and transports you to conference centers, TV sets, and a family vacation. The arcs of each essay are brilliant and witty, incredibly enjoyable, and lend themselves well to rereading. I can’t remember the last time that upon reading the last word of an anthology I immediately started rereading!

Parkes has found a way to describe not only the bare facts of an event but to also convey many of the subtle nuances that make places like Rhinebeck, Maryland, and TNNA memorable. Somehow she has found a way to convey the beauty of the knitting community: you gather together and end up chatting as friends.

Perhaps you aren’t a knitter and want to understand why places such as Rhinebeck, Maryland, Squam, and Iceland evoke excitement and desire, I believe this collection can provide insight. Maybe you are a knitter and want to experience places you haven’t or meet people or events that have passed, this collection will take you there to meet and experience them.

Does it get any better than that? Yes! With Knitlandia, Parkes became a New York Times bestselling author! If that wasn’t a claramel* in itself, she recorded her essays and it’s available as an audio book!

* Parkes hasn’t met a stick of butter that, to my knowledge, she doesn’t want to turn into a delightful baked or candy creation. Claramels are her special, highly coveted, caramels, which, from what I’ve heard are incredibly delicious.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing an early readers copy in exchange for a review.
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LibraryThing member chavala
A lovely little collection of essays about traveling to knitting events. Of the many places, I've only been to Madrona - it was nice to visit vicariously.
LibraryThing member kmajort
Enjoyable - not a reference book on yarn (she's already done that) but a travelogue on places she's been, taught, some tall tales. I'm a casual knitter and have not (probably will never) go to these amazing shows and conventions, so I liked this insider's tale.

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