Michael Pearson's Traditional Knitting: Aran, Fair Isle and Fisher Ganseys, New & Expanded Edition

by Michael Pearson

Paperback, 2015






""I think I was lucky in the timing - I learned to knit just when your book first came out. The other books on the subject seemed to be aimed at people who already knit. . . . and [it] is the only one I read for pleasure, not just for patterns."" - Gordon Reid, www.ganseys.com""For years knitters have been pining for the return of Michael Pearson's lovely book, Traditional Knitting, complete with historical notes, charts, photos and patterns for Fair Isle, Guernsey, and Aran sweaters. Once again, our wish is granted by dear Dover."" - Meg Swansen, Schoolhouse Press""A fascinating and well researched book."" - Evening PressAfter visiting the remote fishing villages of Scotland and England, Michael Pearson compiled this extensive record of unique patterns. His sources include oral traditions, documents, family albums, and photos. Pearson combines a social history of the villages and the living history of these crafts with detailed patterns and practical instructions for knitters. For this revised and expanded edition, the author has added an extensive selection of new pattern charts and full knitting instructions, making this essential work even more valuable to lovers of traditional knitting.""Great collection of patterns. So much history. I learned so many interesting things. The pictures were amazing and definitely my favourite part. A history and knitting lesson wrapped up in one book."" - Debbie's Bookcase… (more)


Dover Publications (2015), Edition: New edition, Expanded, 264 pages


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User reviews

LibraryThing member sistersticks
An absolute must have source book for anyone interested in the history of knitting, knitting and social history, or just the origin of aran, fair isle and fisher gansey patterns.
LibraryThing member CathyGeha
Fascinating, factual, informative, current and historical information related to Gansey, Fair Isle and Aran knitting fills the pages of this book. With over fifty years of knitting so far under my belt I have learned a GREAT deal that I did not know before. Original knitting guild members were
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male, knitting became a way to augment income, women were able to knit a sweater much faster than I am able to, special devices I had never heard of were used by knitters to facilitate the process, people carried their knitting with them almost everywhere, Gansey sweaters have purl stitches that form patterns while Aran sweaters use knit stitches to do so instead, gussets were made under the arms, reworking sweaters was easier using the methods and patterns described in this book…I could go on but I have to say that this is one very intriguing book and I am thankful to Net Galley and Dover Publications for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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LibraryThing member Janientrelac
Big improvements in Photos, charts and patterns, very well laid out compared to first edition.

Repeats romantic story that Aran knitting is very old, for better history read Alice Starmores Aran book.
LibraryThing member AgedPeasant
Well illustrated, plenty of background, charts of the patterns.

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