The New Layman's Parallel Bible



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Each two-page spread shows the complete Scripture portion from the King James, New International, Living Bible and the New Revised Standard versions in clear, easy-to-read print.

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LibraryThing member keylawk
For those who appreciate the difficulties and appreciate the value of good translations, nothing quite beats a parallel or side-by-side presentation. Here, we find four "popular" translations of Christian scripture in parallel columns: KJV, Modern Language, Living Bible, and RSV.

Sadly, none of the
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parallels include a Tanak/Hebrew chumash, such as the Jewish Publication Society JPS version. Or even Philips, for the New Testament. Not one of these is a translation actually designed to be understood. (!) The respective Introductions cling to the concept of inerrancy, while admitting to the reality that language/Word is in flux.

Example of the slippage: There is no basis for misnaming the "Song of Solomon", which ancient texts call the Song of Songs. And in the 5th verse of the first Chapter, as the author introduces HERself, she describes herself as "black and beautiful". All four translations mis-translate the conjunction, changing it to "BUT", as if to underline some sort of debilitation which is not implied anywhere else in the text. By verse 6 she is actually boasting of her sun-tan, comparing her rich dark skin to the lovely curtains in the Temple. Yet, their racism exposed, our translators just cannot admit the black-powered profundity of the poetry laid before us in this rich text.
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LibraryThing member madamejeanie
really the best bible we've got for research and study. It's terrific having four versions of the bible side by side as you read.
LibraryThing member pre20cenbooks
I have owned and used this book since 1991. It was useful in that it helped me understand why certain religious doctrine is believed throughout the sects of Christianity. Recommend that the preface to a bible translation be read carefully to understand the motivatiion of a bible translation
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committee and the heavy responsibility and accountability that falls upon them.
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