Lucy, the beginnings of humankind

by Donald C. Johanson

Other authorsMaitland Armstrong Edey (Joint Author.)
Paper Book, 1981



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GN283.25 .J63


New York : Simon and Schuster, c1981.


Describes the discovery of the oldest, most complete skeleton of any erect walking human ancestor ever found in 1974 in Ethiopia.

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LibraryThing member keylawk
Lucy walked upright, but her shoulders resembled the chimpanzee. It becomes obvious that brachiating ambulation "teaches" the hand to form an opposed thumb. In turn, the development of bipedalism then freed the hand to carry the branch -- now club and spear -- which had previously carried the
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LibraryThing member LydiaHD
I read this at least a decade ago - probably closer to 20 years ago - and I don't remember much of the information in it, but I do remember really, really enjoying reading it.
LibraryThing member leesclubhaarenjb
very well written; page turner. Got it from a friend who owned two copies; finished it the nexth day.
LibraryThing member unclebob53703
This is the best book on the subject of early humans that I've ever read. First rate background information, then it takes off like a great detective story! Was recently able to find this signed copy on Abe Books.


National Book Award (Finalist — 1982)


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409 p.; 24 cm


0671250361 / 9780671250362


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