Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647

by William Bradford, 1588-1657

Book, 1952



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Modern Library College Editions William Bradford's "Of Plymouth Plantation" is a remarkable work by a man who himself was something of a marvel. It remains one of the most readable seventeenth-century American books, attractive to us as much for its artfulness as for its high seriousness, the work of a good storyteller with intelligence and wit. Edited, with an Introduction, by Francis Murphy.

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LibraryThing member TullyFamily
EXCELLENT! I read this every November!
LibraryThing member patito-de-hule
This is a print of an historically significant manuscript. For those interested in the history of the Plymouth Colony, it is a very important primary source.
LibraryThing member la2bkk
Author William Bradford was the long time governor of the early 17th century Plymouth settlement, hence has invaluable information to share as to his experiences.

Those with only cursory knowledge of the Mayflower and its passengers may be surprised to learn there is a far greater story to be told than the (often complex) Indian relations and fanciful Thanksgiving celebration. A significant portion of the book concerns the settlers initial attempts to escape England to practice their separatist religious beliefs, first in Holland, and then later in America. More sobering (and some tedious) was the author's discussion of the settlers relations with the merchant investors back in England- a constant struggle for funding and supplies (by the settlers) and profits (by the investors).

Because of its age, and perhaps the author's style, this is not an easy read. Nonetheless, it is an invaluable work of early English settlement in America and should not missed.
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LibraryThing member BoundTogetherForGood

This story is one that should be SO exciting and, man, can he put you to sleep. I was very disappointed. Nonetheless, it packs the history into its pages.
LibraryThing member jbarr5
Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford
Difficult book to read with broken English but enjoyed the story of how the group formed and headed to the Danes then off to US.
Another really good section was after landing who they came into contact with. Very political and religious back stories.
Lots of letters from those involved with decisions.
Passenger list on the Mayflower is included along with family tree listings.
Footnotes are listed at the very end of the book. What appears to be treaties between the Pilgrims and Indians are also included.
Appendixes and index are also included.
Other works associated with this one are also available.
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