Before civilization: the radiocarbon revolution and prehistoric Europe

by Colin Renfrew

Paper Book, 1973



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GN803 .R46 1973


New York, Knopf; [distributed by Random House] 1973.


The refinement of radiocarbon dating using the information form tree-ring counts has raised serious doubts about the accepted theoretical frameowkr of European prehistory. Monuments in Central and Western Europe have proved to be considerably older than their supposed Near-Eastern forerunners, and the record must be almost completely rewritten in the light of these new dates. Before Civilsation is a preliminary attempt to do this with the help of analogies from more recent and well-documented primitive societies. The more glaring inconsistencies in the old theory are re-examined and Professor Renfrew shows convincingly how the baffling monuments of prehistoric Europe, like Stonehenge, could have been built without recourse to help from the 'more civilized' Near East.… (more)

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LibraryThing member edwinbcn
Although the first six chapters (130 pages) are rather specialised and technical, they do form the basis for a very convincing and interesting second part of the book, I found the second part of the book (Chapt seven ff) especially very interesting because of its approach to prehistory by comparing
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the life of prehistoric man with life in a number of primitive or disappeared civilisations, thus offering possible explanations for developments in Europe. Besides Bronze Age Britain, I much enjoyed the sections on Malta, Crete, Easter Island, Tahiti and the North American Hopi Indian.
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292 p.; 25 cm


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