The Native Americans : an illustrated history

by David Hurst Thomas

Paper Book, 1993



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E77 .N352 1993


Atlanta : [Kansas City, MO : Turner Pub. ; Distributed by Andrews and McMeel, c1993]


Dispossessed, of their ancestral homelands by successive invasions of Europeans, the first real Americans have long been cloaked in a veil of myth and legend that has hidden from us the true richness and diversity of Indian civilizations and cultures. This newly unfolding legacy represents an unparalleled body of untapped wisdom, which even now provides fresh perspectives on very modern problems. The astonishing reality of Indian history, presented here for the first time from the perspective of native Americans, will deepen our understanding of what it really means to be an American. The archaeological history of the native peoples of the Americas goes back more than 30,000 years. By the time Columbus landed in this "New" World, it was a very old world that already had seen entire civilizations rise and fall through the centuries. These linked continents were by then populated by some 75,000,000 people who spoke 2,000 distinct languages and had developed a rich diversity of separate cultures, all joined in trade by a venerable network that covered the entire northern continent. Here, in a fresh look at the Americas, is a view of this "new" world's magnificent sweep of history through the eyes of its original inhabitants. It is an inspiring story of their amazing adaptability to a challenging land, especially in the past five hundred years when native Americans were forced to cope with the introduction into their environment of the most rapacious predator they had ever faced: white European invaders. Spanning a thousand generations, from the time Ice Age man first set foot on this continent to the present, and beautifully written by five well-known authorities on Indian history and culture, this volume is lavishly illustrated with photographs, maps, and, the work of both historic and contemporary artists.… (more)

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A beautifully illustrated history of North American Indians…. This work covers the First Americans to the present. … Includes a bibliography and a list of tribes by culture area and language family. Text is supplemented with photographs, maps, and contemporary paintings.

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Summary: This book is about Native Americans and their history. It explains their origins and the rituals that they performed. It explained that there are many many tribes and they all differed greatly. It also explained that the extent of how much the tribes differed depended greatly on where they
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were located in the country.

Personal Reaction: Wow. This book covered so much. It is an excellent book to use to teach children about Native American History.

Classroom Extensions: 1) I would have the children decorate their own headdress. I would supply them will all the materials that I could obtain like feathers and the like. 2) I would have the children draw a picture of a tee pee. At the end of the day I would staple all of the pictures up in the classroom or hallway.
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