Holy Grail across the Atlantic : the secret history of Canadian discovery and exploration

by Michael Anderson Bradley

Paper Book, 1988



Call number

E103 .B73 1988


Willowdale, Ont., Canada : Hounslow Press, c1988.


This fifth printing of the best-selling Holy Grail Across the Atlantic offers some fascinating interpretations of early Canadian history that you may prefer to doubt - but will not be able to forget When the fortress of MontsAgur, reputed sanctuary of the great religious treasure of the Templars was sacked by forces of the Inquisition in 1244, did the Templars manage to escape with the Holy Grail? Legends insist that the Holy Grail was taken to safety before the doomed citadel was stormed. Was a castle in Nova Scotia the new haven for the Holy Grail? Is the famous and mysterious "money pit" on Oak Island in Mahone Bay connected with a desperate and courageous attempt to save the Holy Grail? Was Samuel de Champlain a secret agent for the Grail Dynasty, and did his maps and journals purposely obscure the location of the Grail's secret refuge in Acadia? And later on, was the Holy Grail transported to a new haven in Montreal founded by a mysterious secret society?… (more)

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LibraryThing member corgidog2
Meshes nicely with Holy Blood, Holy Grail. But it does speculate that the Holy Blood was in Nova Scotia and that history has covered up the discovery of the Americas-probably known to the Celts since 700 B.C. It also suggest that the Vatican persecutes the holy bloodline to keep control of its
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bureaucracy and partriachal inclination. Excellent and intellectually challenging read.
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LibraryThing member Hawken04
You can believe it or not, still this is a great story of what might have happened. The author makes a very strong case for what he believes, so why not go along for the read? It'll keep you entertained and wondering for quite awhile.


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391 p.; 24 cm


088882100X / 9780888821003



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