A guide to the Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland, and Brittany

by Aubrey Burl

Paper Book, 1995



Call number

GN805 .B8698 1995


New Haven : Yale University Press, c1995.


The spectacular stone circles of western Europe, some nearly 6000 years old, have intrigued viewers through the ages. This beautiful book about these megalithic rings explores their ancestry, methods of construction, and eventual desertion. A substantially revised version of Aubrey Burl's highly praised work The Stone Circles of the British Isles, it offers new insights into the purpose of stone circles. It also provides a new interpretation of Stonehenge and of Callanish in Scotland, the first overview of the cromlechs in Brittany, a discussion of the problems of archaeoastronomy as related to stone circles, a greatly expanded Gazetteer, and an up-to-date list of radiocarbon dates and recent excavations.

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LibraryThing member keylawk
Another study of megalithic "henge", or Ring sites, in the British Isles by an accomplished archaeologist (and his wife). Includes photographs, calibrated diagrams, and occasionally somewhat indecipherable maps for over five hundred rings. Contains meticulous measure and recordation of the ambient
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facts of the works -- not just the stones, but proximity to water, cairns, tombs, or alignment on a terrace, or even just its names -- many of the otherwise merely perplexing features become delights. He shows the development of family cairns worked into great community monuments.
The "Guide" may be intended to assist in land navigation since brief descriptions of the Walk are provided. By making physical comparisons possible, Burl does little speculating about why or even how the structures were built. But he includes numerous references to other archeologists, and he does discuss theories of influence. The Breton influence on Stonehenge [84], for example.
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LibraryThing member the1butterfly
Alas that I didn't get to see any of these! How cool is it just to have a guide? The guide is very specific on the circles, locations, etc. If you want to see stone circles on the British Isles, this is certainly a guide that will take you beyond Stone Henge.


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276 p.; 22 cm


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