The man in the ice : the discovery of a 5,000-year-old body reveals the secrets of the stone age

by Konrad Spindler, 1939-

Book, 1994



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In 1991 the world was electrified by a chance discovery of a perfectly preserved corpse trapped in an Alpine glacier. Preliminary tests showed that this was the body of a Neolithic hunter who died some 5300 years ago. Now Dr Konrad Spindler, the leader of an international team of scientists examining the body, makes the results of his investigations public for the first time and answers a series of fascinating questions about the `Ice Man' and the clues he can give us to the nature of daily life in the late Stone Age. The result is a riveting scientific detective story, giving us the fullest picture yet of Neolithic Man - our ancestor.

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LibraryThing member DinadansFriend
This is well translated, I have been told. The discovery of a body which had been frozen five thousand years ago started a fascinating journey through forensics and international law. The first book on the topic, Spindler's work was necessarily provisional, and has been modified by more work and
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refinement of techniques. Now he seems a murder victim and not an accidental death. Good place to start.
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LibraryThing member woollymammoth
Brought this from Hay on Wye, really looking forward to reading it, but ourght to read all the Sci-fi my girlfriend brought for me first!
LibraryThing member over.the.edge
The Man In Ice
by Konrad Spindler
Translated from German by Ewald Osers
Harmony Books
3.5 / 5.0

In September 1991, mountaineers descending from the Finailspitze alps, in the area of Hauslabjoch, along the border of Austria and Italy, find a body half submerged in a glacier. Attempts to find the
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age of the corpse from artifacts found around it and the remains themselves place from the Neolithic Period, 5,000 years ago.
This is an absorbing account of the discovery, recovery and study of the permafrost mummy, who became known as the Iceman, Otzi.
Interesting and detailed, this is a thorough study with many color photos.
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