The Jason voyage : the quest for the Golden Fleece

by Timothy Severin

Paper Book, 1985



Call number

D973 .S5


New York : Simon and Schuster, c1985.

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LibraryThing member Santafesteve
To row and sail a twenty-oared galley from Greece to Soviet Georgia, a distance of some 1500 sea miles, was a team achievement par excellence. As skipper of Argo I feel that there is no more appropriate way to introduce my account of the Jason Voyage than to list the men and women who made up the
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twentieth-century crew-whether for all 1500 miles plus trails and delivery, or just a single day's rowing. they were the New Argonauts:
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LibraryThing member jjmcgaffey
Lovely. I enjoyed this very much. All of it was interesting - from the initial discussion of exactly what the voyage of the Argonauts was, and the various sources that mention it, to the hunt for a boat-builder capable of recreating the Argo (or at least, a ship of that type - the new Argo was
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probably smaller than the original, 20 oars instead of as many as 50). The details of the ship's structure and construction were fascinating. Then they actually set off - and there were two stories being told in parallel, covering what Jason and the Argonauts did and (reportedly) saw and comparing that with the actual events and sights of the new voyage. The varying crew of the new Argo, the welcomes they got along the way (including a warm welcome from the Soviets, despite considerable concern before the fact), the ways in which their voyage matched and didn't match the original Argo's - all beautifully presented, absorbing and edifying. The last few chapters are a bit of a downer - first one describing the aftermath of the original Argo's voyage, which ended badly for most of the crew (aside from Jason and Medea, there were a lot of other deaths, including two killed by Hercules for leaving him behind); then a long chapter giving an uninterrupted summary of the original Argo's voyage. I preferred the one mixed in with the new story, though the summary did make some things clearer. Overall, excellent. Still, while I'm very glad I read it, I doubt I'll reread it any time soon, and if I do want to I can get it from the library. I don't need the book handy. I do, however, want to find some of Severin's other books and read those.
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LibraryThing member kenno82
Another from Severin's Voyage series, this time exploring the story of Jason's quest for the golden fleece. Interesting, but not his best.


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