The Mayan factor : path beyond technology

by José Argüelles

Paper Book, 1987



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BF1999 .A6395 1987


Santa Fe, N.M. : Bear, c1987.


This is the extraordinary book that initiated the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 and awakened the world to the Mayan Calendar. In it, Jose Arguelles revealed three revolutionary ideas: that a great moment of human transformation awaited us as we approached 2012: that there are galactic "seasons" and that the Maya accurately recorded them; and that each person had the capability to connect directly with the energy of a beam emanating from the galactic center that contains the power to awaken the higher mind.

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Arguelles compares the ancient Mayan calendar with the I Ching (ancient Chinese divination system), the great pyramid in Egypt, and the sequence in human DNA to come up with predictions for the enlightenment and change of mankind. Profusely illustrated with diagrams, charts, and line drawings,
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Arguelles shows how his theory works. There is also a bibliography of works consulted.
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221 p.; 23 cm


0939680386 / 9780939680382


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