Forgotten civilization : the role of solar outbursts in our past and future

by Robert M. Schoch

Paper Book, 2012



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QB526 .F6S36 2012


Rochester, VT : Inner Traditions, c2012.


"Scientific confirmation of advanced civilization at the end of the last ice age, the solar catastrophe that destroyed it, and what the evidence means for our future"--Provided by publisher.

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LibraryThing member mrsdowney
I met geology professor Dr. Robert Schoch the day (in 1991) he announced to the world that the Sphinx is much older than anyone previously suspected. I was the only journalist on site, and we spent nearly 12 subsequent hours chatting about his exciting discoveries. Meanwhile the geologists at the
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convention agreed with him, the rest of the media ignored him, and the entrenched Egyptology and archeology communities hadn't yet realized that he'd turned their assumptions upside down. It was the calm before the storm. I was so fortunate to be first in line! But I hadn't spoken to him, nor had our paths crossed, since my little news item appeared in print back in the early 90s.

So I was very happy to "reconnect" with Dr. Schoch through the pages of his latest book, particularly since his open-minded yet serious scientific assessments were now taking up topics closer to my own esoteric interests. He does a wonderful job of keeping his text conversational and personal, while carefully laying out his scientific sources, and examining everything in the light of his rigorous training in scientific disciplines.

For instance, I can tune in to my Cosmic CoAuthors and say, yes, of course Atlantis and other advanced civilizations predated our written history on Earth, and of course our solar system and our planet are affected by energetic outpourings from the center of the galaxy, planned and time by greater Minds than our own. But I'm the kind of source that gains credibility only among those who know what I mean when I describe my Cosmic CoAuthors. Dr. Schoch, on the other hand, brings his scientific reasoning and hard, personally collected data to bear on these same topics---with very exciting results! He also draws in the work of other leading-edge scientists from numerous discplines to back up his theories and to fairly evaluate others, never stooping so low as to dismiss them out of hand as so many do. Moreover, he makes this sometimes esoteric science very accessible for the average reader.

I found the book to be an excellent resource for the latest news from the frontiers of science, while also laying out Dr. Schoch's theories about solar outbursts past, present, and perhaps future. Fascinating to read, and a surprising page-turner, considering the subject matter.

I also appreciate his viewpoints on the forces that keep visionaries like Dr. Schoch and others from getting their discoveries a fair airing in front of the public at large -- the politics, money, and other factors that keep us in the dark, slow the developments in all scientific fields, and hold back our collective evolutionary growth.
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