Ugarit and Minoan Crete; the bearing of their texts on the origins of Western culture,

by Cyrus Herzl Gordon, 1908-

Book, 1966



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The author is expert linguist, famous for identifying the Minoan Linear A tablets from Cretee as Semitic. Explains the links between early Hebrew and Greek literatures.
Not only does Ugarit link Minos and the Hebrews, but Homer as well. This strongly reinforces the fact that until 1500 BC Greece,
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Ugarit, and Israel were all part of the same cultural sphere. Ironically, Ugarit broadens our horizons. [cf 7]
It is true that Israel did not produce a Parthenon, and "when did Greece bring forth an Isaiah?" But the Ugaritic epics "have unmistakable and organic parallels that link the pre-prophetic Hebrews with the pre-philosophical Greeks." [14]
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