Savitri Talks: The Symbol Dawn

by RY Deshpande

Paperback, 2012




CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2012), 290 pages


About the Talks on the Symbol Dawn, the opening canto of Sri Aurobindo's epic savitri, it is stated that these could be an essential tool for Savitri-lovers to develop the right perspective and context for Savitri-reading. It has not only synthesized a lot of earlier contributions, but also developed many essential original articulations. The concept of Savitri's yajna synthesises Savitri-readings with the Vedic perspective as, for instance, we have in the Purusha Sukta when seen as an Aurobindonian interpretation of the cosmology that goes with it. But perhaps certain aspects also need be elaborated, such as the Mother's story of creation, Asuras and Gods, the Mind of Night, the two Nothingnesses and the inability of the second Nothingness to create by itself, Matter as the theatre for the divine Event, the New Creation and many such key features. But perhaps these are already present in the Talks. The whole inspiration behind them is to grow in the richness of Savitri. Savitri gives us the Truth and the things of the Truth. To live in Savitri is to enter into the spirit of its luminous magnificence, Savitri who shall take us closer to the supreme Yogi-Poet.… (more)


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