New England's Ancient Mysteries (New England's Collectible Classics)

by Robert Cahill

Paperback, 1993



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Old Saltbox (1993), Edition: 2nd, 88 pages


"Called the ""Reader's Digest of New England Archaeology,"" by experts in the field, this book covers all finds and sits by amateur and professional ancient artifact hunters since America was first settled. Hundreds of messages were cut into stone by unknown ancient settlers. Carved faces, well-made homes of rock, Celtic ritual sites, dolmens, and other ancient remnants are scattered throughout the New England states, making it quite apparent that visitors from other lands lived here hundreds of years before Columbus discovered America. Ancient coins, weapons, lamps, containers and art objects have been uncovered as well -- all well documented and described, with photos in this fascinating book."

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LibraryThing member Chris177
Lately I have been reading a lot of books about New England, and I think the ones that I have been enjoying the most have been about the history and mysteries of New England’s past. Robert Cahill’s book was an interesting and thought provoking narrative about the, still unresolved, mysteries of New England’s past visitors. And I am not talking about aliens (that’s another book), I talking pre-Columbus explorers. I believe that New England (as well as many other parts of America, both North and South) has been visited and investigated by many different groups and at many different times. Cahill gives many different accounts and numerous artifacts that can no longer be ignored. The time is right for a truly scientific investigation of the New England sites and tales to see just which ones stand up to scrutiny. We need to act now before they are lost to time and urban development!… (more)


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88 p.; 5.75 inches


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