Four thousand years ago.

by Geoffrey Bibby

Book, 1961



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“Recommended as a provocative apercu born of a vigorous, healthy curiousity wed to a graceful style worthy of a Belzoni and an admirable clarity of presentation.”– Library Journal

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LibraryThing member Rubygarnet
This is a somewhat dated but quite delightful overview of [Old World] civilization between 2000 and 1000 BCE, including little hist-fic portraits of one moment in time and space from each century surveyed.
LibraryThing member drmaf
Terribly outdated, but entertaining depiction of civilization in the 2nd millennium BC. Author is not afraid to use his imagination where records are lacking (as they mostly are). One of those little gems picked up for loose change in a secondhand bookshop or bookfair that's worth its weight in
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LibraryThing member DinadansFriend
I love this book. At the time it came out, and still even today, it is an excellent introduction to the beginnings of civilization in the Near East and the Mediterranean. Dividing the period roughly into life spans, and adopting a different persona for each life, the reader gets an invaluable sense
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of how long things take to happen. While probably challenged by now on many of its findings, as it was published in 1961, it is still a wonderful technique for the writer, lecturer or film maker to pursue.
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