The Chaco handbook : an encyclopedic guide

by R. Gwinn Vivian

Book, 2012



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E99.P9 V574


Publisher Unknown


Chaco Canyon in Northwestern New Mexico contains a remarkable set of ancient puebloan ruins. Occupied between AD 850 and 1150, Chaco appears to have been the cultural and political center of a network that extended throughout the Four-Corners region. The Chaco Culture National Historical Park is now a protected site and has been continuously studied for a century.R. Gwinn Vivian and Bruce Hilpert have written an encyclopedic handbook to help organize the extensive amount of information available for Chaco, as well as to stimulate speculation and encourage further exploration. The result is a highly accessible but thorough reference.The Chaco Handbook includes over 250 cross-referenced, alphabetical entries, 100 figures and illustrations, plus histories of Chaco's development and archaeological research. Entries address important Chacoan and related sites, place-names, archaeological and ethnographic terms, objects and architectural features, and institutions and individuals.The utility of this fascinating handbook extends well beyond the immediate vicinity of the Park, for it will be useful to anyone with an interest in the ancient puebloans, including specialists. Whether used during a trip to Chaco, following visits to Chacoan places, or as a quick reference for dates and definitions, The Chaco Handbook will guide readers to greater exploration of Chacoan culture and the Chaco world.… (more)

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LibraryThing member lpg3d
This is an essential guide to Chaco. It loses a star since I didn't think that the encyclopedia format worked very well in presenting the information. I would have preferred more of a narrative approach to the subject since I (and I assume most other readers) will not be using it as a reference
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book, but as a way to learn more about Chaco.
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