New England's Viking and Indian wars

by Robert Ellis Cahill

Book, 1986





Publisher Unknown


"An award-winning book about the travels and battles of the Vikings in North America, taken from ancient Norwegian writings. Evidence is presented on how and why the Vikings' ""Vinland"" was actually Cape Cod, and could not have been anywhere else. Indian histories also reveal Viking landings here, as do recently discovered artifacts. This book traces Vikings and Indians in battle up through King Philip's War."

User reviews

LibraryThing member Chris177
I read this book as part of my research on the history of New England for a book I am working on and I found the information to be interesting and helpful. I especially enjoyed the first part of the book as it went into discussing the Viking visits to New England. Many of the stories I found very fascinating and plausible. I did however find a few parts at the end of the book relating to the Indians encounters with the English did not match the facts that I have read in other books. At first I though that “This guy got it all wrong!” but after rethinking the book I have decide to do more research to fine out (if possible) what is truth and what is fiction then it comes to the Native Americans of New England. This book has made me want to know more and I think that is the sign of a good book!… (more)



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