What happened in history,

by V. Gordon Childe, (Vere Gordon), 1892-1957

Book, 1946



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CB311 .C54


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LibraryThing member name99
A better than expected history from the stone age to the Roman Empire.

This was written in 1954, so can obviously be forgiven for omitting vast amounts of material; in particular this is very much the western canon view of the world --- no Africa, Australia or Americas, and very very little India or China.

What I found especially interesting was a concentration towards the end of the book on the class structure and the economy (especially the failings of said economy) in bronze and iron age times.
The fact that I've not seen this covered much in modern texts makes me wonder whether it was a fanciful construction of the Marxist-inspired times, something we are now wise enough to realize we cannot speculate about, or whether the fashion operates in the reverse, that it is our times that refuse to acknowledge and discuss what is clearly obvious.
Certainly this is an issue I'd like to know more about.
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LibraryThing member antiquary
I understand Childe was resopected in his time but is now rather obsolete.

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