Handbook of Rock Art Research

by David S. Whitley (Editor)

Other authorsJean Clottes (Contributor), Christopher Chippindale (Contributor), Robert Layton (Contributor), Richard Bradley (Contributor), Georgia Lee (Contributor), Peter Garlake (Contributor), Todd W. Bostwick (Contributor), Margaret W. Conkey (Contributor), John Greer (Contributor), James D. Keyser (Contributor), Juan Schobinger (Contributor)11 more, Paul S. C. Ta├žon (Contributor), Matthias Strecker (Contributor), Julie E. Francis (Contributor), Marvin W. Rowe (Contributor), Alfred Muzzolini (Contributor), Johannes Loubser (Contributor), Larry Loendorf (Contributor), J David Lewis-Williams (Contributor), Soveig Turpin (Contributor), Chen Zhao Fu (Contributor), Alison V. G. Betts (Contributor)
Hardcover, 2001



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GN799 .P4


AltaMira Press (2001), Edition: UK ed., 864 pages


While there has always been a large public interest in ancient pictures painted or carved on stone, the archaeological study of rock art is in its infancy. But intensive amounts of research has revolutionized this field in the past decade. New methods of dating and analysis help to pinpoint the makers of these beautiful images, new interpretive models help us understand this art in relation to culture. Identification, conservation and management of rock art sites have become major issues in historical preservation worldwide. And the number of archaeologically attested sites has mushroomed. In this handbook, the leading researchers in the rock art area provide cogent, state-of-the-art summaries of the technical, interpretive, and regional advances in rock art research. The book offers a comprehensive, basic reference of current information on key topics over six continents for archaeologists, anthropologists, art historians, and rock art enthusiasts.… (more)


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