Heart of the Christos: Starseeding from the Pleiades (Mind Chronicles)

by Barbara Hand Clow

Paperback, 1989



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BF1999 .C59


Bear & Company (1989), 272 pages


Uses past-life regression under hypnosis to tap into primordial memories, and examines the author's own reincarnations in ancient civilizations.

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LibraryThing member IonaS
This is an amazing book, though I cannot say that I fully comprehend it. You would need to be on the same level as the brilliant author to do so.

Barbara experiences and recounts for us her regressions to multifarious previous lives (if that is indeed what they all are); these personages include well-known figures such as Isaiah and Pontius Pilate, but also others some of whom should perhaps been recorded by history, but were not (at least I hadn’t heard of them).

The regressions span not only a time period of thousands and thousands of years, but also various universes, apparently. One major theme is the violence of the masculine gender and the pressing need to balance the energies of the two genders, i.e. restore the power of the feminine. Barbara experiences leaping from the body of a perpetrator of rape into the body of the victim. We have all played the roles of both perpetrators of violence and victims and indeed all need to experience both sides.

There is much information about the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 and the role of the Pleiadians, who seek to expedite our spiritual development by radiating love to us. “The beam from us has become a Rainbow bridge from the stars to earth.” Basically, as far as I can understand, the book is about our impending ascension into the 4th/5th dimension, which necessitates that we emulate “Christos”.

She cites Christos as saying:

“My gift to the people is good. I encode the planet with the knowledge that now is the time to take my gift and own it. You, the people, must become the divine beings who were in the mind of the Creator in the beginning.”

This book is very intense and Plutonian and, though fascinating, I can’t say it’s easy to read. It is packed with information and there are constant leaps from one time to another, one universe to another, one body to another, there are instances of bilocation, etc etc. I would say it is a book for the select few. It contains wonderful, intricate illustrations drawn by Angela C. Werneke.
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