Earth in upheaval.

by Immanuel Velikovsky, 1895-1979



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In this epochal book, Immanuel Velikovsky, one of the great scientists of modern times, puts the complete histories of our Earth and of humanity on a new basis. He presents the results of his 10-year-long interdisciplinary research in an easily understandable, even entertaining manner. Inspite - or even because - of the disgraceful hostility, provoked by his theories, this book keeps being of ardent topicality, which in the light of recent scientific research is even growing. Earth in Upheaval - a very exactly investigated and easily understandable book - contains material that completely revolutionizes our view of the history of the earth. For all those who have ever wondered about the evolution of the earth, the formation of mountains and oceans, the origin of coal or fossils, the question of the ice ages and the history of animal and plant species, Earth in Upheaval is a MUST-READ… (more)

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LibraryThing member DinadansFriend
After the success of "Worlds in Collision", IV presented what he felt was more supporting evidence in this 1955 follow-up book. As it stimulated discussion, in a world that at that point knew very little of plate tectonics, magnetic pole switchings, or the number of large catastrophes that have devastated large swatches of the planet, I value this book. I'd never present it as a basic text, but as a curious example of forerunner accuracy.… (more)
LibraryThing member Marse
Velikovsky was unknown to me when I found this paperback book in the library used-bookstore. From the cover I assumed it was science fiction and from the author's name I thought it may be Russian Science Fiction, so I bought the book. It turns out to be a science book defending the idea that the earth as we know it is a result of "cataclysmic evolution." After I finished the book, I looked Velikovsky up in Wikipedia, and discovered that he began his research to prove that the events in the Bible (Old Testament) actually happened using "science" and that he has several other volumes related to this idea. Moreover, most scientists, including Carl Sagan, rejected his theory.
I do not have a science background and know only the basics of Darwin's theory of evolution, about climate change and the ice age, nor do I read much science writing--so I cannot comment on the veracity of his data. I can say that this book made geology seem truly exciting and interesting. Velikovsky has a very persuasive way of writing. His descriptions are fascinating and he fills every page with scientific references and footnotes. In this book, he never mentions the Bible or God or references any religious doctrine. Besides actual scientific papers, he does use mythology to show how various cultures around the world share common primitive ideas about the earth and its relation to the stars and other planets. Whatever Velikovsky might be, charlatan or genius, his book is worth reading just for his amazing interpretation of how the earth came to be.
… (more)

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