Edgar Cayce on Atlantis.

by Edgar Evans Cayce

Book, 1968



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GN751 .C35


Publisher Unknown


Drawing on his readings, and placed within the context of reincarnation, Edgar Cayce offers evidence of the civilisation of Atlantis - showing how its achievements and failures directly relate to the conflict and confusion of today.

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LibraryThing member JNagarya
Edgar Cayce allegedly feel and hit his head, knocking himself unconcious, and when he awoke he was transformed into the "sleeping clairvoyant" who made predictions and prophecies, and tended to "spriritual" matters, such as telling you how to keep your kharma cool. I predict: It could happen.

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but a bit spooky. I don't know about you, but I'm about to invest in a diving suit with a metal space helmet and lead-loaded sneakers . . .
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LibraryThing member endersreads
This is yet another Cayce book written not by Edgar, but at least by some people in the Cayce family.

A very vague picture and chronology of Atlantis can be gathered from the Cayce readings given here. The topic is just as much on reincarnation as it is Atlantis. I read it a very long time ago and
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really don't remember very much at all. I often wonder what the point is of reincarnating at all if you can't remember anything and the world is just as horrible, if not more so, than in any other age. Yes, I am the borne cynic. I must be the incarnation of one of those fellows who blew the place up, and I would do it again in this age!!!!!

Joking aside, what I find most interesting is the picture of Atlantis painted by Cayce's readings. If nothing else, it is one of the grandest mythologies ever created.

I'm sure I would have much more to say were I to reread it, which I might do after researching more into Atlantis. A recent news story dated January 19, 2010, claims archeologists feel they might have located Atlantis in Southern Spain—a 3000 year old buried settlement in the marshes of the Andalusian parkland...

"The theory is just the latest in a long list of suggested locations for Atlantis, including various Mediterranean islands, the Azores, the Sahara desert, Central America and Antarctica."
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